Published: April 22, 2015

Amen in HD Vol3-The Eagles wings Edition

I present to you the Amen in HD Volume 3- “The Eagles wings Edition” crafted on Isaiah 40:31 which highlights that those who wait upon the Lord are consistently renewed and are tireless.This Edition of Amen in HD we are featuring a group called Sol Haus Musik which Is a Ugandan Group, founded in 2013 by Sodium(Blhakmuzik) and Rhya Blaiz. Sodium is a Rapper, writer,singer while Blaiz is a singer(soulful), writer and also a rapper. They perform a fusion of Soul, Rap and Afro House, the kind of music they focus on is Inspirational, love and also Gospel because they are Christian and they serve God with their talent. Their track Don’t stop(produced by Josh SB) is number one on the mix, the concept of the song is based on a turning point as the chorus clearly demonstrates and also speaks of reconciliation with a Jesus who did Marvelous things through his life.

Sol Haus Musik-Amen In HD 3


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