So as to receive your music ,there are certain guidelines that have to be followed and they are as follows:

Encoding format : All music must be encoded at minimum of 192kbps , professionally mixed and mastered with good ID3 tagging that includes:
• Track number
• Album (If any)
• artist(s),
• song
• feature(s)
Audio Format: Music should be in MP3 Format and when sending us the music it should be emailed to [email protected] and be attached as an independent file not link furthermore the email subject should read “ Music sub: [SONG NAME] [ARTIST] ”

Cover art: High resolution artwork of 700×700 Px or 1000×1000 Px in JPEG format.
Public Streaming: If you would like us to stream your links we recommend that you use Soundcloud, hulkshare &

Biography,photo, song write up: Artists should a attach a copy of their biographies, individual photos, social media links and the write up or concept of the song.

Song Content: The song should contain content that glorifies God, speaks life and inspires. Any form of profanity, use of the “N”, phrases that promote degrading of women/segregation/drug use promotion will not be accepted and call for instant deletion.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of music to G-52 Inspirational expressively gives us the right to upload the content on our site, distribute it amongst our partners and feature it on our mixes, radio network or any other media partner’s streams.

Submission of music to G-52 Inspiration does not guarantee airplay.

We receive a huge load of music submissions and we can’t reply to all submissions but all sent submissions are received cross examined and approved by the team so therefore not necessary to consistently demand for feedback concerning the submission.