Published: October 6, 2013

Square Circles Mixtape

The Square Circles Mixtape is a project for a Gospel rap artiste called Lyll Mykk of Salt Nation hosted by Dj S-kam Zac of G-52 Inspirational.It features a wide host of artistes,below is the write up of the concept behind the mixtape:

“They say to square a circle is to find a good solution to a problem that seems impossible, especially because the people involved have very different needs or opinions about it. In other words, you are trying to do something very difficult and chances are that you will not succeed.I believe all things, within both a humanely reasonable and unreasonable context, as long as you work hard and have faith in almighty God, are possible,so this project is not about showing you what will not work! This is a mirror reflection of the world we are living in today. In my explorations about everything that is wrong with the world today, I discovered one thing, selfishness. It’s found in all aspects of our society, from the rich to the poor, among all races, all classes, and all business structures.

Our societies are founded upon looking out for ourselves alone. It’s no longer about what you know; which qualifications you have, or how capable you are. Today it’s all about circles. Who do you know? Which family are you from? Which party do you support? What is your tribe? Etc. It’s this that is responsible for the feelings of jealousy we experience causing strife in our relationships with others. Negatively impacting our relationship with our spouses and motivating so many of the unhealthy decisions we make with our money.Greed prevents us from meeting the apparent needs of others and has kept us from experiencing love, joy, hope, gratitude, generosity, hindering us from finding true contentment. A Selfish person is already trained to be caring and sensitive. This is a good thing to be. The purpose of this project is to square those circles, by showing

the victim multiple reasons and need to care and be sensitive about someone else besides themselves.

To consider not only our own interests, but also the interests of others and to meet others needs with the same effort we seek to meet our own. If all ‘circles’ can have a singular mind, an outlook of equality like a square, then regardless of inner differences in language, color, political status or family background, people would fit perfectly into each other fromall walks of life like squares do bound by love and respect.”

Squaring circles is Loving God, Loving you and loving others.