Published: August 4, 2014

Achievers believers mixtape by Brian wade

Brian Wade is a super versatile ,down to earth christian hip hop artist from the beautifull pearl of Africa ,Uganda and  am really honoured to have worked on his Achievers believers mixtape and i it tailored to best suite his skill set(Versatile and dynamic) and best of all its all free to download.Before we go to the download bit below is the idea behind the mixtape authored by Brian Wade himself.


I am Brian Wade a Christian rapper and am glad to present to you Achievers and believers mix tape, which most of you have been waiting for. This mix tape speaks to both people that have achieved after believing and those that are believing to achieve

     To achieve is to succeed in reaching a particular goal, status or standard, especially by making an effort for a long time. And to believe is to think that something is true or possible although you are not completely certain, it can also mean to have strong faith in something, more especially in God

Why achievers and believers? I chose Achievers and Believers because all I need in life is success but there is no success in life without believing that you will succeed at any time. And I believe that we all have the same thing in mind either a Christian or non-Christian in our different areas of life.

This mix tape was produced within a period of mid-2013 to mid-2014 July, It is comprised of both Ugandan and American produced beats. It’s an amazing project produced by various producers from different studios that is from beat making, vocal capturing, mixing and also mastering of the project.

        Achievers and believers is a mix tape basically for Christians and non-Christians, reason being that both believe and then achieve their goals. It features a number of gospel and conscious artistes who have a positive belief of living a life that honours and gives God respect by also enjoying their cherished life granted to them from God.

 It is comprised of various genres, from hip hop, reggae, and dancehall and fused with rock beats all together with the art of rap and poetry, giving it a Christian rap genre. It also takes you to various elements of life, from Money to love, Oneness, Dreams, Hard work,Celebration,Relationships,praise ,Worship and Self-esteem.  All that in context of Gods education and his love for us through the bible.

           The Ideas on this mix tape came from me, the Producers, Artistes on each song and the teachings from the Bible. Which proved to be positive and good for our society through encouragement, expression of love to one another and the coming back of Jesus Christ.

So, to any one listening or ready to listen to this mix tape, just know it’s produced only for you. And it will give you something to think about if you critically listen to the lyrics from each and every Artiste on this project, which will help you discover who I am, and more especially the artistes and producers who did a good job on this mix tape.

           For that matter, I would like to thank all the Artistes on this mix tape for all the support without a question and these cliques; Kingdom Business-Africa (KB-A), Great Music Group (G.M.G),, G-52 Inspirational ,Jesus fans and all gospel music fans.

Producers; Drift (K.Y.ARecords), Dr.Nicolas (ShannRecords), Tunka (Records), Dre, Kiko

Wordxclusive (Fame Records), Dr.Fizol (Avie Records), T.Mosley and King Jesus. Without their work on beats, Mixing, Voicing, Mastering and the Revelation, this work would not be out.

                                          May God Bless you as you listen to this project

                                                             ­-Brian Wade-


  1. Achievers Believers intro-Brian Wade [ DOWNLOAD HERE ]
  2. He is Good- Brian wade With Kingdom Business-Africa [ DOWNLOAD HERE ]
  3. Money Dreams- Brian wade [ DOWNLOAD HERE ]
  4. Up town urban – Brian Wade Ft. Declane [ DOWNLOAD HERE  ]
  5. Celebrate-Brian Wade Ft.Sonny soweez (Fused with Celebrate by SPAT from Kenya) [ DOWNLOAD HERE ]
  6. Mixtalude 1(Mix-interlude)- Featured tracks: Enaku yensi-Brian wade Ft. Abish J,Gospel Chypher-Brian wade  ft Strait eloquent,Drift,Amon crucial,Marcavell & 21 Answers(ajjudde obutwa)-Brian wade Ft Marcavelli [ DOWNLOAD HERE ] .
  7. Conqueror-Fusion of Am a conquror and One blood track off the Eterni