Published: August 26, 2015

Amen in HD7-The Radio Tour Edition

This month the Amen in HD Mix series takes a new twist with my first-ever radio tour Edition where I have picked out segments of my mix from each radio I toured and fused them together to make the Amen in HD 7(The Radio Tour Edition). I with the help of my partner DJs conducted La Celebracion (Psalms 34:1) radio tour in the month of July and August, this tour was done to celebrate the life God gave me since I had just celebrated my birthday and so I decided to extend my celebration with everyone.

The radios and radio shows I was hosted on were:

The Burn Out with Paul Selah & Dj A War on 99.6 FM J (24th July 2015), 8 PM -12 AM

Fusion with Byg Tim on 104.1 Power FM (31st July 2015), 9 PM -1 AM

Club Alpha with Mike Presson, Dj Jonal & Dj Jhoshu ON 98.7 Alpha FM (8th August 2015), 9 PM -12 AM

Amen in HD 7 maintains the same theme verse as Amen in HD 6 which is  Psalms 34 :1 this is because the celebration of God’s gift of life continues on.

This Radio tour wouldn’t be possible without the help of my friends, so I would like to say a big thanks to Dj Awar, Byg Tim & Mike Presson.


AMEN IN HD 7(collage)




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