Amen in 10D Mix

Amen in 10D 2 - DJ S-kam Zac

Amen in 10D is a gospel mix compiled by 10Djs who independently made their mixes with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of which songs to play.Amen is an affirmation statement and the decoded meaning of Amen in 10D is a 10 Dj affirmation to promote the Gospel of christ to all ends of the […]

Faith Walks Fever

Faith Walks Fever - DJ S-kam Zac

Faith walks fever is a set of mixes made by Dj S-kam Zac and Dj Achiever for Phila Kawesa a Gospel reggae and dancehall artiste inorder to create awareness for his concert on the 21st of November 2014 at theatre la bonita dubbed Faith walks.

Djs Communion-Family Affair

DJs Communion Family Affair Fb Cover - DJ S-kam Zac

A couple of years ago on the 18th day of july ,God brought into existence a multitalented dj/Entrepreneur and am referring to yours truly Dj S-kam Zac ( “Multitalented and blessed” ), this implies today is practically my birthday, so allow me to get extremely extatic and wear brightly coloured clothes and take a selfie […]

Djs Communion – Air J1721

Djs Communion J1721 - DJ S-kam Zac

Djs Communion – Air J1721 is a collabo mix(Part of the Mixdown series ) of Dj S-kam Zac of G-52 Inspirational from Uganda and Dj X-One from Nigeria.The Mix was crafted on a theme verse of John 17:21-23 that speaks of ones and unity centered around Christ and it states” I have given them the glory that […]

Jump off 2013

Jump off 2013 2 - DJ S-kam Zac

I joined forces with a fellow gospel dj called  Dj Achiever (Alpha Deejays) From Kenya to produce the finest ever Gospel music collabo mix .This form of unity of the Gospel music industry clearly defines that its not boundary bound and its dubbed the Djs communion – Jump Off 2013 and it was premiered Live […]