Published: July 18, 2014

Djs Communion-Family Affair

A couple of years ago on the 18th day of july ,God brought into existence a multitalented dj/Entrepreneur and am referring to yours truly Dj S-kam Zac ( “Multitalented and blessed” ), this implies today is practically my birthday, so allow me to get extremely extatic and wear brightly coloured clothes and take a selfie ….. 🙂 …. While still in severe birthday excitement I would like to present to you something me and some of my family members (Djs) “cooked up” its dubbed “Djs Communion-Family Affair”, it’s a celebration mix that features Dj Muji (the legendary) that i like to refer to  as daddy that’s due to his long service as a gospel industry as an overseer and advisor to various personalities, Dj Rayne from sulphuric deejays and Dj Jhoshu from G-52 Inspirational.

Djs Communion-Family Affair, was made to celebrate the gift of life that God has granted me and the oneness Christ has united all of us (John 17:21-23) and to reach to this level I cannot say that am self-made,through my walks of life as a gospel dj and entrepreneur there are various people that helped me attain success and please allow me embarrass them  by mentioning their names and they are:

Dj Danny diaz mwesige who mentored and trained me in the Dj career (Optimal Entertainment ), Sseluwagi Nicholas(Zyee Idyaz), Jesse Tayebwa , Clayton nyakana , David musoke ,Kenneth Mufumbiro,Doug Ma,Ivan Odongo, Dj Jhoshu(G-52 Inspirational) , Brina Kalibbala (G-52 Inspirational), Dj Keex(G-52 Inspirational) ,Mike presson(Alpha Fm),Susan Makula(Alpha FM), Regan Semuko(Magic 100),Dj Naselow,Dj Achiever(Alpha Djz, Kenya),Dj X-One(Nigeria),Dj Peruz , Dj A War, Jessica layado, Dj Muji,Dj Rayne, Solomon King(Node Six) , Joseph Owino( , An Xiao Mina (An Xiao Studio) , Daniel Mwesigwa (Dignited),Isaac Mukonyezi (Wemix) , Edgar barole , Kezia Mbabazi,Pile peter, Dj Jhyde jide (Salt FM UK),Dj Navas Casanova (Costa rica) , Aggrey wordxclusive(Fame records), Gero king, Andrea , Benjamin prince , Tonya johnson(Angels of melody) ,Netron, Brian wade, Suz eye,The Everywhere you go team(Serah , rosette, Kerry & Karen), James R Kanagwa , Dr.Violet Korutaro , Isaac Kanagwa , Mrs.Sarah Kanagwa and you whose reading this text is important too.

My final and most important appreciation goes to God who created me and gave me unique purpose to be a driver of positive change and uplift His kingdom.

Please follow the link the below and we celebrate in HD …


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