Summer Vibes Mix 2019

Summer Vibes Mix 2019 - Dj S-kam Zac

As some parts of the world are enjoying the summer , here is my mix set to get full immersed in summer and even if you are not enjoying the summer ,enjoy the vibes 🙂 [wpdm_package id=’7149′] If the above download link does not work, use the one below. DOWNLOAD 2 TRACK LIST: Jesus Livin […]

Ruu in 13

ruu in 13 - DJ S-kam Zac

I have jus completed one of the projects that have been on my head for quite a while ,its called RUU in 13 that features some of Ruyonga’s 2014 projects like Ride,muhulire and other tracks off the water from the rock mixtape.This Mix part of part of our theme project for this year #ChristCentricUnity based […]

Suz eye promo mix

Suz eye Promo - DJ S-kam Zac

Suz-eye  ,born and raised in the heart of Kenya ,Nairobi, known to many as the warrior lioness due to  her zealousness and passion on what she does, she started music at a tender age having sung in her home school and also church. Suz-eye started to participate in the music arena through music festivals with […]

20 Minutes with Mac Elvis

Tribute Mac Elvis - DJ S-kam Zac

This Mix is a special Tribute for Mac Elvis by Every Where You Go Team and G-52 inspirational , It features one of his final performances live on stage at the WEMIX party on the 27th of July 2013. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Mixdown 2013-Ug independence Mix

51st Mixdown Poster 1 - DJ S-kam Zac

G-52 inspirational Presents Mixdown 2013 By Dj S-kam Zac “The 51st Uganda Independence Celebration Mix”, Mixdown 2013 is a collection of the finest gospel tracks from Uganda to celebrate the 51st Independence.  Cilck Here to Download

26 Blessings

26 Blessings - DJ S-kam Zac

Every year God gives us is a Blessing,i would like thank God for the 26 Blessings he has granted me….Here is my fresh Gospel Mix 26 Blessings that Features Lyll Mykk‘s New Hit Kakana & Tony Maluda‘s Hit Riddin Clean>>>>FREE DOWNLOAD HERE>>>

Kadosh Mix

Kadosh June Edition - DJ S-kam Zac

Kadosh is a Hebrew word meaning Holy .1 Peter 1:15 calls upon us to be holy like christ and from this verse that Kadosh Gospel mix was drafted from and it features tracks from artists like Maluda,Ababulizi,Mac Elvis,beckah shae,Sami k,Britt Nicole,Hillsong,da truth,gideonz family,lacrea,triple o,jordan armstrong,sherwin gardener and many more……Dont hesitate just hit download

IAM 2012-Kick off mix

IAM 2012 - DJ S-kam Zac

IAM-2012 Kick off is a wrap up of 2012’s finest gospel hit tracks and some extras from artistes like Trip lee,Anton,Lacrea,Gideonz family,Canton Jones and many others.Click here to download

Jubilee Gospel Mixdown

Gospel Mixdown1 - DJ S-kam Zac

Celebrating Uganda’s Independence Jubilee with a Gospel Mix-Nonstop Ugandan Gospel,Click Here to Download   “Showing love to all our fellow Ugandans celebrating 50yrs of independence. Here is a collection of Ugandan Gospel tracks to celebrate the Jubilee in style”