Amen in HD 28- La Celebracion 3

Amen in HD 28,Dj S-kam Zac

It has really been an amazing experience creating the Amen in HD Mixes for the past two years and I am thankful to God for granting me 30 amazing years of life and 7 years of being an impactful Dj. So I would like to present you my final edition of the Amen in HD […]

Amen in HD 27- The MixMatics Edition


I would like to introduce you to the fresh Edition of the Amen in HD Mix series dubbed The MixMatics Edition. Listen to Amen in HD 27-Dj S-kam Zac (The MixMatics Edition) byDJ S-kam Zac on    DOWNLOAD AMEN IN HD 27

Amen in HD 26 – The Warfare Edition

AMEN IN HD 26,Dj S-kam Zac

Today is the final day of the month of May, and i must say it has been a wonderful month. The Amen in HD 26 crafted on Isaiah 54:17 features Dj Shawn (Uganda) and the Mokambe. Listen to Amen in HD 26-Dj S-kam Zac (The Warfare Edition ) byDJ S-kam Zac on   CLICK […]

Amen in HD 25-The Too Classy Edition


As the month of April trickles to an end , i would like to introduce to you the Amen in HD 25 Mix crafted on Psalms 103:5. The Featured artistes are Rod 40 (Burundi) & BTW Music (Uganda). Listen to Amen in HD 25-Dj S-kam Zac (The Too Classy Edition ) byDj S-kam Zac on […]

Amen in HD 24- The T.G.I.W Edition


Its wednesday,yeeeah, and every third wednesday of the month an Amen in HD mix is available, this T.G.I.W (Thank God its Wednesday) features a supreme blend of Hip Hop,RnB and dancehall crafted on the theme of Mathew 6:21. This Edition features Asia Star , a Hip-Hop artist and DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native, using music as […]

Amen in HD 23-The Divine Supremacy Edition


As the month of February trickles to an end ,i would like to present to you the Amen in HD 23 Mix (The Divine Supremacy Edition) crafted on the theme verse of Psalms 103:5. This Edition of Edition features two great artistes ,Nuwematsiko Rodney Noah AKA Rad Ney a 20 year old artist under The Hidden […]

Amen in HD 22 – JANNOWORRY Edition


I would like to welcome you to the new year (2017) with the Amen in HD 22 JAN-NO-WORRY Edition that is crafted on Nehemiah 8:10. The Featured artist for the Amen in HD 22 is none other than HeeSun Lee. HeeSun Lee isn’t your average Hip Hop emcee. Put up for adoption in her native […]

Amen in HD 21-The U4RIA Edition

AMEN IN HD 21 - DJ S-kam Zac

This edition of Amen in HD 21 – The U4RIA Edition featuring various UP beat music (Afro Pop,Afro Beat,Afro-house,Pop and EDM) . Theme Verse : Nehemiah 8:10 The Featured artists is on this edition are New Chapters Africa (NCA) with their hit single Binji Listen to Amen in HD 21-Dj S-kam Zac ( U4RIA Edition […]

Amen in HD 20-Ain’t worried Edition


Its your favourite time of the Month, the Amen in HD 20(Ain’t worried Edition) is served hot to you and you will most definately enjoy it from start to finish. This edition of Amen in HD 20 is crafted on Mathew 6:34. Erica Mason is the featured artist for this edition. Erica Mason is an […]

Amen in HD 19-Sound the Alarm Edition

Amen in HD 19

Its another amazing month and your favourite mix Amen in HD 19 – Sound the Alarm Edition is ready and specially crafted on the theme of John 8:32. This Edition’s Featured artist is Nuwagaba Patricia AKA Zoe Patra who is a Uganda based Gospel artist and the music director at Miracle Christian Fellowship led by […]