Published: September 8, 2019

Go ( Dj S-kam Zac Remix ) Featuring Dj Victor 256 , Suz Eye ,Xpo,Ernest Rush & Jem

The “Go ” track is originally composed by two friends Dj Victor 256 and Suz-Eye and its crafted on the great commission verse ( Mathew 28:19 ) that so happens to be the same theme verse for The Decree2819 – Afro-Asia Commission project that I worked on back in 2017 .

So, I decided to mashup both the projects and craft the all new Go – Dj S-kam Zac Remix that features Dj Victor 256, Suz-Eye Xpo, Ernest Rush & Jem Rebancos

[wpdm_package id=’7151′]

If the above download link does not work, use the one below.