Sonny Soweez-Amen in HD Artist


Sonny Asimo AKA Sonny Soweez, is an RnB/Pop artist that started singing when she was years in her home church choir and also continued singing in her primary school choir. Later when she joined secondary school, she got abit held up with studies and put a pause to the singing  till she finished her senior […]

Amen in HD 12-The Dance Edition


This time round we are raving the Gospel party high with Amen in HD 12 -The Dance edition that features an intense selection of great dance music-themed to Psalms 144:9 that states”I will sing a new song to You, O God; Upon a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You”. Beth Wanjiru […]

Tybe-Amen in HD Artist

Tybe Pic - DJ S-kam Zac

Beth Wanjiru is a Kenyan gospel artist known by her stage name ‘TyBe‘. She is currently signed at Bitz House Music working with Richy Bitz. She started singing when she was 8 years old, and has been doing so for the last 16yrs.

Amen in HD 11-The Elevation Edition


A new year comes with new stuff and this edition of Amen in HD 11 is bound to keep you in dance mode from the beginning to the end. It is crafted on the theme of 2 Corinthians 13: 5 that states “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do […]

Amen in HD 10- The Christmas and 2015 Finale Edition


As we approach Christmas and the close of the year i would like to present to you with Amen in HD 10 -The Christmas and 2015 Finale edition that features some of the finest songs of the year 2015,some bonus tracks and a good collection of urban Gospel music. Our Featured artist for this Edition […]

Licy-Be – Amen in HD Artist

Licy Be - DJ S-kam Zac

Our Featured artist for this Edition is Licy-Be, a spoken word and rap/hip hop artist who aims to inspire, encourage and empower! ,she is an emerging, New Zealand born, Australia based Spoken Word & Rap Artist who released her first Spoken Word music video in support of World Suicide Prevention Day 18 months ago. Her featured song on Amen in HD 10 is […]

Amen in HD 9-The Take Over Edition


This time round The Amen in HD Mix series has taken a new angle with its first-ever “Mix Sermon”, HD9 features a sermon from Pastor Tim from Every Nation Church Malaysia ( i happen to commune and serve in the sound team) under the thematic series dubbed “Back to the Future” that stems from 1st […]

Amen in HD8-The 53rd UG independence Edition

AMEN IN HD 8 - DJ S-kam Zac

Uganda will be celebrating its 53rd Independence on the 9th of October and in celebration I have crafted an all-Ugandan gospel mix( Amen in HD8 – The 53rd UG independence Edition) with a cocktail of artists and gospel music from my motherland, the mix was crafted on the theme of Isaiah 43:19 that states ” […]

Amen in HD7-The Radio Tour Edition

AMEN IN HD 7 - DJ S-kam Zac

This month the Amen in HD Mix series takes a new twist with my first-ever radio tour Edition where I have picked out segments of my mix from each radio I toured and fused them together to make the Amen in HD 7(The Radio Tour Edition). I with the help of my partner DJs conducted […]

Amen in HD6-La Celebracion Edition

AMEN IN HD 6 1 - DJ S-kam Zac

Today the 18th of July is my birthday and am celebrating the life that God gave me, am so glad of how far he has brought me and I will forever bless his name and the theme verse for Amen in HD 6 of Psalms 34 :1 that states “I will extol the LORD at […]